Glossary of pharmacology vocabulary

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a chemical substance (natural or synthetic) that "affects the processes of the mind or body".
pharmac/o= drug
the effects of the body on the drug. has reference to the activity of drugs once they enter the body. this includes the processes of absorption, distribution, localization in body tissues, chemical transformations that occur within the body (biotransformation), and excretion.
is the study of how drugs are used in the treatment of disease.
an authoritative treatise on drugs and their preparations or a book containing a list of products used in medicine.
the scientific study of poisons, their actions, their detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them.
has reference to the effects of the drug on the body. that includes the biochemical and physiological effects and the mechanisms by which the drug acts.
treatment of disease
therapy and therapeutics: these are synonymous terms, both meaning the treatment of disease.
words part meanings: pharmacokinetic
pharmac/o= drug
kinetic= pertaining to motion or movement

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