Glossary of old Korean vocab from 7

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movement; motion;
홍보 [弘報]
(public) information; publicity; public relations
불공평 [不公平]
unfairness; injustice; inequity; partiality.
연맹 (聯盟)
a league; a federation; a confederation; a union
again; twice; a second time
자폭 [自爆]테러
suicide bomber
suicide bomber
분열 [分裂]
dissolution; disunion; dismemberment; disintegration; disruption; breakup; dissension; division
양상 [樣相]
an aspect; a phase; a condition; appearance; looks
lose ((one's fortune)); miss ((a chance)); be deprived of
상반 [相反]
being contrary to each other; conflicting with each other; mutual contradiction
자치 [自治]
self-government; autonomy; home rule
수반 [首班]
the head
집권 [執權]
assuming[taking] the reins of government; coming into power[office
집권당 [執權黨]
the party in power[office].
소속 [所屬] 하다
belong (to); be attached (to); affiliate oneself (with); be under the command[control] (of)
정권 [政權]
political[administrative] power.
정당 [正當]
just (cause); justifiable (grounds); warrantable (measure); right; rightful
정당 [政黨]
a political party.
mobilize(an army)
방위 [防衛]
defense; safeguard; protection
보복 [報復]
retaliation; (a) reprisal; retorsion; retortion; requital; (a) revenge;
to deny; disavow; disown; disclaim; repudiate; say no
유월절 [逾越節∙踰越節]
심판 [審判]
judgment; adjudgment; decision; verdict
민주주의 세력이
the forces of democracy
중상 [重傷]
a serious[severe; heavy; major; mortal] wound[injury].
중상 [中商]
a broker; a middleman; a commission agent[merchant].
중상 [中傷]
slander; libel; malicious gossip; scandal; calumny; a slur
자행 [恣行]
do; practice; perpetrate; commit.
승리 [勝利]
victory; (a) triumph; (a) conquest; (a) success; a win
붕괴를 주장하다
to insist on destruction
거부 [拒否]
denial; (a) veto ((pl. -es)); disapproval; rejection; refusal; disallowance
maintain ((peace; order)); keep ((one's health; a garden well)); keep going
European Union
a terrorist group.
점령 [占領]
occupation; occupancy; capture; possession
배후 [背後]
the back; the rear
저항 [抵抗]
resistance; opposition; defiance; struggle
범죄 [犯罪]
an offense; a crime;《法》(a) delict; guilt.
자연 [自然]
사임 (辭任)
resignation; retirement from office; stepping out
retreat; recede; move backward; draw[pull; fall] back
교체 (交替)
replacement; substitution; a change; shifting
적기 (適期)
a suitable time; a proper time
정책 (政策)
(a) policy
고문 (顧問)
an adviser[advisor]; a counselor; a consultant; a brain truster; seeking advice(of someone)
소식 (消息)
news; tidings; word; [정보] information; intelligence
행정 (行政)
개편 (改編)
reorganization; modification; change
대대적 (大大的)
great; grand; gigantic; immense; prodigious; wholesale; sweeping ((victory)); large-scale
확대 (擴大)
extension; augmentation; magnification; magnifying
퇴역 (退役)
retirement (from service)
secretary of defense
seat; one's place; a gallery;a position; a situation; a location; a place
백악관 비서실장
White House Chief of Staff
환영 (歡迎)
welcome; an ovation; (a) reception
파룬공 (法輪功)
Falum Gong/Falundafa)
여성 (女聲)
a woman's[female] voice
소동 (騷動)
disturbance; (an) agitation; (an) uproar; an upheaval;commotion; a riot; a rising; an uprising; [사건] an affair;
국가 (國家)
state; a country; a nation; a body politic; a polity
주석 (註釋∙注釋)
notes; comments; a commentary;
시위 (示威)
show of force; demonstration; display.
suddenly; on a sudden; all of a sudden
항의 (抗議)
protest; protestation; a remonstrance
표명 (表明)
expression; demonstration; manifestation
진행 (進行)
progress; progression; (an) advance; march; onward movement
경기 (景氣)
the times; things.; 시황(市況)∙상황(商況)] business; the market
의원 (議院)
the (National) Assembly chamber; the House; the Parliament
실내 (室內)
the interior of a room.
복역 (服役)
penal servitude; [병역의] military service.
후보 (候補)
선출 (選出)
대회 (大會)
a great[large] meeting; a mass meeting; a rally; a congress; a general meeting. a conference; a convention.
선거인 (選擧人)
elector; voter
육성 (肉聲)
a (natural) voice; a (human) voice.
원조 (元祖)
the originator; the founder; the father; the pioneer; [발명자] the inventor;
십자군 (十字軍)
a crusade; the crusaders.
전쟁 (戰爭)
war; a campaign; warfare; hostilities
추종 (追從)
following; [모방] imitation; followers; henchmen; hangers-on; parasites; one's satellites; ((
파견 (派遣)
dispatch; detachment
resort town
연쇄 (連鎖)
a chain; a link; a connection; a series.
홍해 (紅海)
Red Sea
연안 (沿岸)
the coast; the shore.
내무부 (內務部)
the Ministry of Home Affairs; the Home Ministry;((美)) the Department of the Interior;
보도 (報道)
information; intelligence; a report
자료 (資料)
materials; data
기록 (記錄)
record; [문서] a document; documentary literature; [공문서] archives
witness; observer
연기 (演技)
acting; performance; the exhibition of skill.
연기 (煙氣)
smoke; fumes
appearance; a form; features; (outward) looks
to bloom; blossom; begin to burn; get lively; be kindled; be made; thrive; flourish; prosper; get on well; increase in wealth
to go up; rise
촬영 (撮影)

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