Glossary of multiple myeloma

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most frequent ocurring primary tumor arising in the bone
multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma)
this bone cancer occurs 2x more often in black men
multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma)
monoclonal (M) antibody protein is found in the urine & blood
multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma)
in this cancer the malignant or meloma plasma cells produce an , abnormal globulin called myeloma protein that doesn't produce , antibodies
multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma)
what kind of protein is found in the urine of a pt with multiple myeloma , (plasma cell myeloma)?
Bence Jones protein
Manifestations include skeletal pain, osteoporosis, pathologic fractures , with this condition
multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma)
What calcium levels are expected with mulitple myeloma (plasma cell , myeloma)?
hypercalcemia >10
renal involvment is indicated if the creatinine is greater than?
bone marrow study for multiple myeloma (plasma cell myeloma) will , show what level plasma cells?
2 key items in the therapeutic managment of multiple myeloma (plasma , cell myeloma) include
amublation & hydration
weight bearing helps bones reasborb?
New approaches to treat multiple myeolma (plasma cell myeloma) , include the following 3 targeted therapies:
thalidomide, arsenic, velcade
Drugs usted to treat complications include allopurinol to treat?
Drugs to Tx complications include IV lasix to treat?
Durgs used to treat complicatons include calcitonin to treat?
reduce Fx risk & bone pain
Death is usually due to one of these 2 conditons?
infeciton or renal failure
Drugs used to Tx complicaions included Aredia, xometa & didronel to , reduce?
hypercalcemia (prevent bone breakdown)

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