Glossary of miscellaneous reading midterm stuff

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place where scrooge works
scrooge's office
place where scrooge aprenticed
Fezziwig's warehouse
scrooge's nephew
scrooge's old girlfriend
scrooge's clerk
Bob Cratchit
place where scrooge is taken to see the charwoman selling his things
Old Joe's shop
place where scrooge's dad sent scrooge to
boarding school
keeping the Christmas spirit throughout the year
place where scrooge dines on Christmas day
Fred's house
woman who stole Scrooge's bed curtains and his shirt
the charwoman
Charles Dickens
main character
ebenezer scrooge
1.Bob Cratchit's son
2." " daughter
1.Tiny Tim
2nd spirit
ghost of Christmas Present
1st spirit (after Marley)
ghost of Christmas Past
scrooge's dead buisness partner
Jacob Marley
3rd spirit
the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
London, England in 1843 the time is Christmas eve
bob cratchit's wife
mrs. cratchit

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