Glossary of mcwp 4-11.1 Health Service Support Operations

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for coordinating and integrating HSS within their area of operations.
Marine Corps forces (MARFOR) commanders.
How many surgical companies does a FSSG have?
How many shock trauma platoons does a FSSG have?
The medical batallion has ___ beds and __ operating rooms.
The medical batallion is made of of _ H&S company and _ surgical companies
Which platoon is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon of
the medical battalion.
Shock Trauma Platoon.
During the movement phase of amphibious operations who has overall responsibility
for HSS services to embarked personnel?
the commander,
amphibious task force (CATF)
What is the means by which operating forces are brought
to wartime manning levels by personnel augmentation from
CONUS-based activities.
MAP Medical Augmentation Program.
Who manages the MAP?
The total
T/E and AMALs/ADALs are designed to support a MEF in an
estimated worst case scenario for a __day period of combat.
is responsible for funding AMALs/ADALs above the level prescribed by the Marine Corps order
4400 series.
authorizing commander.
What are the medical equipment and
supplies required to support the patient during evacuation
Patient movement items.
When the tactical situation permits during combat operations, the
safest method of field disposal is _____ followed by
burial ___ ft.
over 6 ft.
Responsibility for
neutralization and disposal of clothing, equipment, and dressings
removed during NBC decontamination processes resides with
the command’s ______
NBC officer.
What are the three phases of medical support in an amphibious operation?
Assault Echelon
Assault follow on echelon
Follow on forces.
Bas is normally divided into how many sections during the Assalt echelon
Who advises the MAGTF Commander regarding medical and dental support
MAGTF Surgeon.
Who's mission is to provide integrated automation of the theater
medical environment.
Theater Medical Information Program
Who is responsible to the MEF commander
and MEF surgeon for coordinating preventive medicine
efforts among the division, the wing, and the FSSG.
Preventive Medicine Officer
Who provides
technical and specialized services in the field of disease vector
surveillance and control, as well as providing vector control
training to various agencies of the federal government.
Navy Disease Vector Ecology and Control Centers
can quickly identify infectious
and biologic threats to the deployed force.
Forward Deployed Laboratory
basic clinical and applied field research directly related to
military requirements and operational needs.
Naval Medical Research and Development Command
Institute provides research related
to immediate operational problems
The Naval Medical Research Institute
the process of selecting destination
MTFs with the necessary HSS capabilities for patients being
medically evacuated
Medical regulating
AE missions are classified as _______ or ________ .
A MAW had how many aircraft groups?

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