Glossary of mcat organic chemistry ch4 alkanes sn2

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sn2 avoids forming a?
SN2 is a ?
bimolecular nucleophilic substitution
describe an SN2 reaction?
nucleophile pushes its way into a compound while displ the leaving group
how many rate determ steps does SN2 have?
SN2 the rate determ step involves?
2 molecules.
substrate and nucleophile
for SN2 you need a strong __________________?
t or f
a transition state really exists?
an intermediate is a?
well defined species with a finite lifetime
which is real and actually exists?
a. intermediate
b. transition state
an intermediate
For SN2 the reactant can not be?
sterically hindered
when the nucleoph attacks the react from the backside what is formed?
a trigonal bipyramidal trans state
SN2 follows _____________ kinetics
second order
the rate of SN2 react dep on the concentr of?
2 reactants
what things do you have to take into account for SN1 vers SN2?
1. sterics
2. nucl str
3. leav gr ability
4. react condit
5. solv effects
sn1 vers sn2
when you see H+ above the arrow think of?
cationic mech like Sn1
Sn1 has a ____________ intermed
trigonal planar
Sn1 vers sn2
the carbocation is chiral or achiral?
Sn1 res in a _______________ of optical activ
loss of
Sn1 will turn an optically active comp into a?
racemic mixture
sn2 has a ______________ transition state
what does an sn2 do to the chirality of a compound?
it flips it.
a polar aprotic solvent favors?
1>2>3 is favored in ?
3>2>1 is favored in ?
sn1 rate=
sn2 rate=
SN2 do what to optical activ?
it will cause an inversion of configuration
Bulky nucleophiles favor?

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