Glossary of lung sounds

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lung exam sounds w/ bronchitis & other mucous creating process
ronchi: gurgling-type noise from secretions that form/collect in larger airways
decreased breath sounds
Pulmonary edema: fluid accumulation within alveolar & interstitial spaces
Rales /crackles bilateral lower lobes scratchy sounds
Healthy lung sounds
Vessicular breath sounds
-soft inspiratory sound as air rushes into the lungs, with little noise produced on expiration
lungs sounds w/ mechanical obstruction at trachea/upper airway
stridor Wheezing on inspiration
Lung sounds with Obstruction (asthma /emphysema)
whistling-type noises produced during expiration
Air forced through airways narrowed by bronchoconstriction, secretions, and/or associated mucosal edema
pulmonary fibrosis
Rales /crackles diffuse dry velcro
congestive heart failure, pneumonia, malignancy, or pulmonary emboli
decreased breath sounds (muffled)
bronchial breath sounds to the periphery large airway noises

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