Glossary of korean lang 1

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where are you at?
뭐하고 싶어요
what you want to do?
don't stop playing with me!
네, 했어요
yes I did.
세탁 했어요?
did u do laundry?
아니요, 했어요
no I didn't.
are you hot?
are you cold?
영어공부 하고 싶어요?
Do you want to study english?
영화보러 가실래요?
Do you wanna go see a movie?
TV 보고 있어요
I'm watching tv.
요리해 줄수 있어요?
can you cook for me?
나는 당신을 존경 합니다
I respect you.
걱정하고 있어요
I worry about you.
마나서 반갑습니다
nice to meet you.

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