Glossary of inrto to nursing chap 23

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Which of the following is true about development in young adulthood?
Young adults generally accept their current life situation and are not likely to make significant changes during these years.
Which health hazard is most likely to occur in young adulthood?
Middle-aged adults are at risk for obesity because of a(n):
naturally occurring decrease in metabolism.
Which of the following is characteristic of the health problems of older adults?
They are likely to be taking several prescribed medications, and the chance of adverse drug reactions increases.
A 70-year-old retired postal worker has developed brown spots on his hands and face, which his physician tells him are called lentigo senilus. The client asks, "Do you think these might be skin cancer? I haven't always had them." The nurse shou
"No, these are not cancer. Some people call them age spots. They are a normal change that occurs with aging."
The decline of health in middle age is primarily due to:
unhealthy lifestyles and habits.
When making a home visit to an elderly client, which of the following should the nurse recognize as a safety hazard that needs to be corrected?
There is no light in the hallway between the bedroom and bathroom.
When a man sees his 80-year-old father struggling to clean his shotguns at the beginning of hunting season, the most supportive activity the son could do is to:
sit with his father and compliment him on his thoroughness.
While talking to the home health nurse, a 50-year-old woman who is caring for her parents who have Alzheimer's disease bursts into tears and says, "I am a total wreck. I haven't been able to sit down to eat a meal or watch a whole TV program in mont
caregiver role stress related to time constraints of family care needs.
To enhance the maintenance of long-term memory in older adults, the nurse should encourage her older adult clients to:
complete crossword puzzles.
After the assessment of a 50-year-old female, the nurse decides to provide health-risk information. Which of the following findings would most likely be important to discuss with this client?
mother passed away at age 47 from a heart attack
A client who is newly diagnosed with diabetes needs to be taught about insulin injections. When would be the best time to do this teaching?
two days after the diagnosis, when her husband is visiting
Andragogy is based on the concept that:
adults' previous experiences can be used as resources for learning.
When an individual experiences a need to change behavior, this is known as:
a learning need.
A nurse involved in educating a community group to appreciate the uniqueness of mentally disabled citizens is working with which domain of learning?
A system of activities intended to produce learning is called:
What is one advantage of using computer-assisted instruction (CAI)?
Clients can learn at the pace that suits them best.
Which teaching strategy would be most effective for achieving a goal in the affective domain?
role playing
Which factor has increased the need for health teaching by nurses?
shorter hospital stays
The nurse who wants to use a humanism approach to teaching would:
state learning objectives in clear, concise language.
Which of the following nursing actions facilitates learning?
Instruct a 16-year-old girl in complex hand exercises during a time when the parents are absent.

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