Glossary of inflammatory skin disease

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classic cause of allergic contact dermatitis
poison ivy
spongiotic dermatitis
inflammatory events leading to widening of spaces between kartinocytes due to intercellular edema
disease of follicular duct
acne vulgaris
propionibacterium acnes
bacteria involved in acne
real word for blackheads and white heads
open and closed comedones
palpable purpura is a clinical hallmark of
leukocytoclastic vasculitis
vasculitis pathology
infiltration of vessel walls by polys,
endothelial swelling,
fragmentatino of polys (leukocytoclasis)
erythrocyte swelling,
thrombitic vessel occlusion
fibrin deposition
three majoy microscopic findings of erythema multiforme
vaculoar degeneration of basilar layer
formation of APOPTOTIC BODIES at the dermal epidermal jnxn
pervascular lymphocytic infiltrate
variant of erythema multiforme that results in extensive exfoliation of skkin
toxic epidermal necrolysis
forms subcorneal postule
primary lesion of syphilis
painless elevated rolled border
secondary skin lesion of syphilis
condyloma lata
maculopaular eruption involving palms and soles
tertiary syphilis
characteristic nodular ulcerative lesion of tertiary syphilis
cells that are important compnents of infiltrates in syphilis
plasma cells
fancy name for wart
molluscum contagiosum
flesh colored dome shaped papules
central keratotic cores
causes molluscum contagiosum
most common herpesvirus infection are due to
herpes simplex types 1 and 2
varcella zoster virus (herpes zoster)
herpes virus hides in
sensory neurons
herpes zoster virus hides in
most common fungus or yeast causing superficial infection
dermatophytes: candida albican
yeast: pityrosporum (melassezia furfur)
athletes foot
tinea pedis
jock itch
tinea cruris
scalp ringworm
tinea capiti
diaper dermatitis
most common cutaneous infestation due to arthropod
sarcoptes scabiei

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