Glossary of healthexam

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Pacer measures
cardiovascular endurance
distance btwn lines in a pacer
20 meters
push up test
unlimited w/ a cup muscular endurace testing
trunk test (superman) measures
lower back flexibility
curl ups untimed measures
abdominal endurance
sit and reach measures
if you don’t stretch
lower back pain
2 tests we took
Fitness gram, body mass index (BMI)
The net hight for women is
7 feet 4 and 1 quarter inches
net hight for men
8 ft
is a ball landing on a line in?
name the four basic lines
side, in line, center line, attack line or 3 meter line
# of players on a court per team
rotates (clockwise/counterclockwise)
overhand serve has...
power and speed
how many hits on a side before it goes to the other team?
3 (blocking a spike doesn't count)
high school volleyball games are played to
25 points
_ games in a set
_ games in a set at college/international level
______ scoring
name of food video we watched
fear of fat
what show produced the video
48 hours
us gvt recommends max of ____ percent of fat/day in a person's diet
the CSPI conducted a food study of 32 different, mid priced ____ restaurants in the USA
calories that are consumed but are not "burnt off" are stored in the body as
the regular consumtion of fast foods leads directly to
cancer, heart disease, diabetes
us gov. recommendds __ servings of fruits and vegetables
order food that is
broiled, blackened, or grilled
bread made from flax seed is high in
omega 3
____ fat is considered bad and raises cholesterol

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