Glossary of health ch.3-4

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special telephone services that teens can call when feeling stress.
teen hot lines
ability to get along with people around you
social health
connections you have with other people and groups in your life
list three skills to build healthy relationships
communication, compromise, cooperation
exchange of thoughts, ideas,a and beliefs between 2 or more people.
result of each persons giving up somthing in order to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.
working together for the good of all
accepting and respecting other people's beliefs and customs
using words to express thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and wants
verbal communication
hearing, thinking about, and responding to the other persons message.
active listening
a form of nonverbal communication
body language
direct visual contact with another persons eyes
eye contact
communication strategies tha thelp you say no effectively
refusal skills
the basic unit of society
a family with no children and 2 s
couple family
a family wit htwo parents and children
nuclear family
family with one parent and kids
single-parent family
single parent family, plus relatives
extended family
family with parent, step parent and kids from both sides
blended family
able to be counted on
people your age, who are simaliar
influence to go along with the beliefs andf to try new activites
peer pressure
meeting a childs phyical, emotional, social, and mental needs
duty or obligation expected of you
person who raises children without spouse
single parent
going out wit hmale and female friends at the same time
being trustworthy, showing respect for the other person, and thinking ahead about the consequences of your opinon
pledge or promise
a strong emotional attachment to another person
legal termination of marrige

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