Glossary of gram positive bacilli 2

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Epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes
1. frequently found in environment
2. causes stillbirths and meningitis in animals, especially ruminants
3. in humans: seen in neonates, pregnant & immunocompromised
4. Assoc. w/ foodborne illnesses
Listeria monocytogenes Identification characteristics
beta hemolysis on SBA
Catalase + / Esculin hydrolysis +
tumbling motility >25C
Cold enrichment - grows well @ 4C
Epidemiology of Corynebacteria
1. normal flora of humans and animals
2. N.F. of skin, oral cavity, genitourinary tract
3. opportunistic
4. considered a contaminant
Corynebacteria shared ID characteristics
Gram + bacilli - pleomorphic rods palisading or chinese characters
Corynebacterium diptheriae
Methylene blue: shows metachromatic granules
loeffler agar slant
SBA - rule out Strep A
Tellurite or Tinsdale - will turn black
Elek plate toxin test +
Corynebacterium diptheriae
disease manifestation
pharyngitis w/ thick leathery gray membrane
exotoxin when C. diptheriae infected with TOX + Phage
death assoc w/ asphyxiation & myocarditis
Corynebacteriaum jeikeium (CDC JK group)
disease manifestation
infection in immunocompromised
- Prosthetic heart valces
- Septicemia
- Skin infections
Nocardia asteroides characteristics
produce aerial hyphae
always a pathogen - pulmonary infections, brain abscesses
molar resembling colonies
GRAM + bacilli branching
partially ACID-FAST w/ modified Kinyoun stain
Gardnerella vaginalis characteristics
facultative anaerobe
Catalase -
GRAM VARIABLE pleomorphic rods
Bacterial vaginosis
-fishy odor w/ vaginal discharge in 10% KOH
-CLUE cells
Erysipelothrix rhusoppathiae
facultative anaerobe
Catalase -
grows in 8.5% NaCl
good growth in SBA, CNA, Chocolate
produces H2S on Triple Sugar Fe
localized infection on skin, usually fingers and hands
Lactobacillus general characteristics
normal flora of lower GI & genital tract
long, slender Gram + rod
Vaginal infections assoc. w/ ABSENCE of lactobacilli
Bacillus general characteristics
low virulence saprophytes
common contaminant in lab
SPORE producing
Gram -, large, boxcar shaped rods may stain gram VARIABLE
Catalase +
Bacillus antracis characteristics
2 types of manifestations in humans:
Pulmonary - breathe in spores, resembles cold first few days
Bacillus cereus
food poisioning w/ rice & eye, wound infections
Bacillus subtilis
lab contaminant
Clostridium general characteristics
inhabit soil, water, vegetation, bowels
Gram + large rods (may be gram variable)
SPORE producing
Clostridium perfringens
many exotoxins, type A most significant
large, box-car shape G+ bacilli
B-hemolytic on SBA (2x zone)
rapid growht
Lechthinase + on egg yolk agar
C. perfringens infections
Gas gangrene
Food poisoning

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