Glossary of ged social studies parta

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when you see a name or a concept while you are reading, what should you do?
write down a couple of facts about it or about the person.
very important, special
when were the slaves freed in america?
what ruling freed the slaves
the emancipation proclamation
to emancipate
to free
signal to help guide people if they are lost,
lighthouse is a beacon
to sear
to really burn, or cook
really really sad
like handcuffs, used to chain up slaves
to segregate
is to keep apart
in America
segregation meant
blacks were not allowed to be in white schools, blacks were not allowed to work good jobs, use the bathrooms. even eat in the same restaurant.
being poor
material prosperity
physical wealth, money, big houses
spiritual prosperity
that your soul and heat are happy
somebody who inherits money or property from their dead relative.
inalienable rights
rights that can not be taken away
even though you have come up with the main ideas of the passage, why will the questions still be hard?
because they try to trick you by saying the correct answer in a weird way.
to predict, to say what will happen in the future based on what you know already.
something that makes sense, has evidence to support it.
before you look at the answer choices what should you do?
try to come up with your own answer in simple words.This way they can not trick you.
too nice or too mean is _______________ for an answer
NOT A good choice for an answer
position means what 2 things.
1. your location
2. your opinion on something

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