Glossary of fiat

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to be made up, to become
fieri facias
cause to be made (writ directing sheriff to reduce judgment debtor's property to money for the amount of the judgment
flagrante delicto
in the very act of committing the crime
forum non conveniens
discretionary power of a court to decline jurisdiction over a case when the court believes it should be tried elsewhere for convenience of parties and witnesses
serious, of importance
habeas corpus
you have the body (writ directed to custodian of a person, commanding custodian to produce such a person)
habendum clause
that part of deed which begins "to have and to hold"; defines extent of ownership
honorary fee or gift; compensation from gratitude
the same as above
idem sonans
having the same sound (as names sounding alike but spelled differently
in curia
in court
in esse
in being, existence
in forma pauperis
permission given to a poor person to sue without liability for court costs
beneath; below
in limine
at the beginning; threshold

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