Glossary of ecce romani ch 50

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neglego, ere, neglexi, neglectus
to neglect or ignore
curae esse
to be the cause of anxiety
me taedet solitudeinis
it tires me of... I am tired of
serenus, -a, -um,
clear; bright
taedet, ere, taesum est
it bores, or makes one tired of some thing
avis, avis, gen, pl avium m/f
oportet, ere, oportuit
it is ftting, ought
sol, solis, m.
lucet, -ere, luxit
it is light, it is day
id quod
that/ a thing which
Hey there!
deditus, -um, -a
devoted, dedicated
nuper, adv
adeo, adv
so much, to such an extent
observo, -are, -avi, atus
to watch or pay attention to

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