Glossary of dout about the route

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what is the key thought in this chapter?
a respectfulappeal can resolve conflict
what is a respectful request you make to othersif oyu want them to consider your thoughts, feelings or needs when they are making a decision?
an appeal
what is the head?
"I message"
What is the tail?
A question
What is the first part of an appeal?
What is the second part of a appeal?
A question
What are the three things included in a S.T.A.R. appeal?
Stop, Think, Appeal, and Respond
What can help you remember the four parts of a respectful appeal?
The S.T.A.R. Appeal
What does stop mean?
stop yourself fron choosing to say or do something that will start a conflict
What does think mean?
Think about how you want to appeal and the words to use

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