Glossary of ch.13 chem

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homogeneous mixture of solutes and solvents
greatest quantity - substance that that does the dissolving
substance that is being dissolved - uniformly dispersed
molecular level
intermolecular forces b/w solvent and solute must be great enough to compete w/ intermolecular forces w/i solute and solvent independently
3 steps of solvation
1) seperation of solute molecules, delta H1
2)seperation of solvent molecules, delta H2
3)formation of solvent-solute interactions, delta H3
process in which the energy of the system decreases, a decrease in energy due to an increase in the disorder or randomness of your system (solution)
a thermodynamic measure of the amount of disorder in a system - process which increase entropy tend to occur spontaneously
solubility of a solute
amount of a solute which will dissolve to form a saturated solution @ a certain temp
unsaturated solution
solution upto the pt. of saturation
factors affecting solubility
1)nature of solute
2)nature of solvent
4)pressure (gases)

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