Glossary of bones,skin,muscle

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Where tow bones come together.
Inmovable muscle ....
A muscle that is not under
conscious control..........
a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone.
More than one
The structure of the bones?
Outside-outer membrane,compact
bone,bone marrow,and spongy bone,
What does the skeletal system do?
Provides shape and support.
Enables you to move.
Protects your internal organs.
Produces blood cells.
stores certain materials until your body needs them.
How the bones form?
Has been replaced over time!
because when we are little.
Are cartilage turns to bone.
The 26 small bones that make up your back bone.
Why the vertabral column is
considered the center of the skeleton is?
It makes up all the bones and holds them together.

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