Glossary of biolab

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Are endotoxins secreted from cells?
Are endotoxins used as antigens in vaccines?
no, they don't produce protective immune response
Are exotoxins heat stable?
no, destroyed rapidly at 60C (exception: Staphylococcal enterotoxin)
Are exotoxins secreted from cells?
Are exotoxins used as antigens in vaccines?
Yes, TOXOIDS are used as vaccines
Describe the chemical composition of peptidoglycan.
Sugar backbone with cross-linked peptide side chains.
Describe the major components of a G- cell wall.
inner and outer lipid bilayer membranes - thin layer of peptidoglycan - periplasmic space - contains lipopolysaccharide, lipoprotein and phospholipid
Describe the major components of a G+ cell wall.
one lipid bilayer membrane - thick layer of peptidoglycan - contains teichoic acid
Describe the process of conjugation.
DNA transfer from one bacterium to another.
Describe the process of transduction.
DNA transfer by a virus from one cell to another

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