Glossary of bio 105 first exam review

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Are lipids hydrophobic or hydrophilic
hydrophobic, they reject water
What are the three kinds of lipids that are vital to life?
Describe fats
store in body, large molecules, store alot of energy, one type is the atopole cell which give the body shape.
Describe phospholipids
used to make membranes
Describe steroids
based on cholestrol, small lipids examples of them include testerone,estrogen, etc.
hydrophillic vs hydrophillic
water loving water hating
why are fats important?
because they store a great deal of energy
What are macromolecules constructed from?
Glycerol which is in alcohol. It's the back bone of the system with three fatty acids attached. And fatty acids
how many fatty acids does glycerol have?
what does it mean when something is said to be non-polar
it repels water
What are some aspects of saturation
no double bonds,no kinks, carbond bonded to maximum number of hydrogens(literatly satuarated with hydrogens) it's solid at room temperature.Most animal fats.
What are some aspect of unsaturated
one or more double bonds FA don't pack tightly due to kinks, usally liquid at room temperature, most plant fats
what is the structure of a phospholipid
One hydrophillic head and two hydrophobic tails
What is a phospholipid MADE of
Glycerol backbone, two fatty acid chains
two structures formed by self-assembly of phosphlipids in aqueous enviroments
micelle- circle with tails inside and heads outside and phospholipid- the bilayer look with parallel lines.

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