Glossary of bilogy protists, bacteria, and viruses

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the branch of biology that names and groups organisms based on their characteristics and evolutionary relationships
what are the 7 levels of organization in linnaeu's system
Kingdom phlum Class orders families genus species
___________________shows relationships between species that are beleived to have a common ancestor
pylogenetic tree
the lytic cycle
destroys infected cells
lysogenetic cycle
doesn't kill the host cell immediately can enter the lytic cycle from lysogenetic cycle and kill the host cell
retro viruses
uses RNA to make DNA then DNA to learn more about viral replication
protist characteristics
eukaryotes/lack tissue differentiation/unicellular/
lives in many different enviroments/most are hterotrophic/ free living and some are parasitic
binary fission/multiple fission/conjugation
binary fission
an asexual cell division in which cell splits in two
multiple fission
an asexual cell division in which the cell splits intoi more than 2 cells

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