Glossary of atoms and matter

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why do people put lightning rods on the top of buildings?
a lightning rod is put on the roof of a building to carry the electricity away from the building
what happens when an object loses some of its electrons?
the bottom piece had many fewer electrons than it started with so it had more positive electrical charge
what are protons?
a partical of matter smaller than an atom that carries a positive charge
what do atoms have the same amount of?
atoms usually have the same number of protons and electrons
what are electrons?
electrons are a partical of matter much smaller than an atom and has one negative charge
if an object which a charge is held next to an object without a charge, what will happen?
it will pull together.
what is static electricity?
an excess of non-moving electrick charge in one place, caused by an excess or a lack of electrons
If two objects push each other away, they both have what type of charge?
The same charges push away from each other.
what is an atom?
the smallest piece of an element that still has the properties of that element
how have energy sources changed over time?
human power, animal, power, sind or water power, steam power have changed to gasoline energy power and electrical energy
what is grounding?
discharging an electric charge to Earth
what things do static electricity cause?
clothes sticking together when they come out of the dryer
What is lightning?
big amounts of static electricity

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