Glossary of art history exam 3 terms

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Diocletian divides empire into four parts in 305 AD Government of Four rulers Attempt to save the Empire
edict of milan
313 AD Edict of Religious toleration. Important because separates Ancient world from Middle Ages
burial for 4 million Christians in Rome
Italian for Cathedral
shroud of turin
burial cloth of Christ or Leonardo fake?
individual pieces of mosaic, glass, stone, metal, minerals cemented into place. scenes of Bacchus and wine, scenes of Eucharist
circular barrel-vaulted corridor/passageway
piled-up perspective
denaturalized gravity in reverse, reveals otherworldly orientation
blue mosque
Islamic replica of Hagia Sophia from 17th c.
first three letters in Greek used in abbreviation of Christos, meaning annointed, Messiah, Jesus
a posture of adoration, with hands in the air. Notre Dame has a Touchdown Jesus Orant figure
unborn calf skin
painting with pigments mixed with wax
Christus Patiens
dead or suffering Christ
Islamic calling towers, calls 5 times a day
non figurative forms. Arabian in fashion
Shah Jehan
builder of the best known Islamic monument: Taj Mahal. He was a handsome twenty-year-old man, when he was betrothed to Mumtaz. It is said that the imperial capital of Agra was agog with the description of her beauty at the time of the betrothal. He was put in prison by his son.
(742-814) "Charles the Great", First Holy Roman Emperor, Extends empire through military conquest and unified it through reforms in government, education and language
the white monks
name for Cistercians. reflects attitude against ostentatious display
vertical sides of an opening such as a door or window
first known figurative artist of middle ages
alternating colors, from ancient Roman painting, giving ornamental paterns. another name for this is Zebra stripes
almond shaped halo-like frame around holy person
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Wife of Louis VII, presides over a "Court of Love" Represents a new respect for women, vs. Romanesque's Man's world
100 mile area around Paris. area had over 20 Cathedrals build in Gothic style. the represents an explosion of spiritual creativity. 80 all over france
flying buttress
arm that transmits lateral thrust of vault away from building
image destroyer
ruler of the universe, God and Christ combined
container for relics
Abbot Suger of St. Denis
first man of the Middle Ages. Regent of France for 7 years during the reign of Louis VII (while he was on Crusade) died 1151.responsible for the rebuilding of Choir and the western end of St. Denis

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