Glossary of anatomy ch 1 cards

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What are the three essential concepts for the study of the human body
function is due to structure,the body is organized in a hiearchal way, and homeostasis
difference bt anatomy and physiology
anatomy studies the structure of body parts and relationship to one another, and phys studies the fuction of the body parts
Study of large body parts, visible to eye
Gross anatomy or macroscopic
Study of structures cant be seen my naked eye
Microscopic anatomy
In regional anatomy you would study what, give an example
a region of the body, say stomach whats under it, or your back whats under it
In surface anatomy you study what..
to locate blood vessels to draw blood and stuff
Physiology mainly concerns with macroscopic functions
F, events at the cellular or molecular level
Function always reflects structure
What is the principle of complementarity of structure and function
what a structure can do depends on its form
Give examples of the principle of complementarity of structure and function
blood flows one way cuz of valves in blood vessels
What is the simplest level of structural organization in the human body
that on the chemical level
Organelles are the smallest unit of living things
Tissues are two or more different types of cells together for one function
F, a group of similar cells that have a common function
What are the four basic types of tissue
connective, muscle, neural, epithelium
Epithelial tissue lines cavities
What is the role of connective tissue
support and protect body
An organ is composed of at least....tissue types
Organs that work together for one purpose
organ system
The highest level of organization is
the organism
Organ systems work in isolation
All body cells are interdependent
To maintain life you must
maintain boundaries, have movement, be responsive, digest, have metabolism, excrete, reproduce, are responsive, and grow
The muscle cells ability to move by shortening is
why do living things maintain boundaries
so that its internal environment is different from the external environmnet, to retain an internal environment
Another word for responsiveness
Only nervous tissue is respopnsive
F, all cells are irratible to some extent
All chemical reactions that occur within bod cells is
Is the digestive system involved in excretion
Cells duplication itself for body growth and repair is oddly thought of as
The goal of all body systems is to
maintain life
What factors must be present for survival
oxygen, water, nutrients, the right temperature, and the right atomspheric pressure
To release energy from food, you must have what
If body temp drops below this temp, metabolic reactions start to slow down
For breathing and gas exchange, you must have the right
atmospheric pressure
Homeostasis means a static unchanging state
literally yes when translated , but in medicine it means a dynamic state of equilibrium
For homeostasis, can internal states vary
yes, but within a relatively narrow limit

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