Glossary of additional learning vocab Cambridge Course F onwards

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fera ae
wild animal
flos, flor-is
3m flower, bloom
fluvius i
focus i
fremitus us
4m; growling, roar
frons frontis
3f brow, forehead
fruges, frugum
3f pl; fruits of the earth
fulmen, fulmin-is
3nt; thunderbolt, lightning
fumus i
fundamentum i
from the foundations, completely
furtum i
gemitus us
4m groaning, groan
gurges, gurgit-is
3m, gulf; sea, flood
heres, hered-is
3m/f; heir, heiress
humanitas, humanitatis
3f; human nature; humanity, kindliness; culture, refinement
imago, imagin-is
3f, copy, likeness, image, picture, statue, echo, apparition, phantom, fancy
imber, imbr-is
3m rain, rainstorm
initium i
insania, ae
madness, frenzy
integras, integratatis
3f completeness, blamelessness
invidia ae
envy, illwill, unpopularity
ira ae
anger, passion, wrath
iugum i
yoke, pair, mountain ridge, summit, chain of mountains
lac, lact-is
3nt milk
lacrima ae
lapis, lapidis
3m stone; milestone, precious stone
lassitudo, lassitudinis
3f faintness, weariness
laus, laudis
3f praise, renown; credit, distinction
lenitas, lenitatis
3f, gentleness, mildness

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