Glossary of Year in Review

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People form governments to
a. establish order, provide money, accomplish goals
b. establish order, provide security, accomplish goals
The 3 levels of government are
a. local, county , national
b. local, city, county
c. local, state, national
The purpose of a government is to
a. establish and maintain services
b. establish and maintain order
The 3 branches of government are
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
The mayor is the head of
The city government
The President is the head of
The United STates of American and the Executive Branch
The Governor is head of the
state government
Does KY have 3 branches of government?
What is the name of Kentucky's "Congress?"
General Assembly
What is our governor's name?
Ernie Fletcher
What do we call the "vice" governor?
Lieutenant Governor
What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
What is an amendment?
A change to a document
What are some of our rights as citizens of the US?
Our amendments tell us our rights
Do we have responsibilities because we are citizens of the US
Yes, we must follow the Constitution and the laws of the land

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