Glossary of World History Final Exam Review:

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What Did James Watt do?
Improved the steam engine
What did Richard Arkwright create?
Water Frame
What did George Stephenson create?
Steam Powered Locomotive
What was Adam Smith responsible for?
Laissez faire economics
What did Thomas Malthus think up?
Population Control
What did Robert Owen want?
Utopian Socialism
Karl Marx
Supporter of Communism in Russia.
wealth to inves in enterprises
taking over and fencing in land
largest possible balence of power
Otto Von Bismark
"iron chacellor"
Emporor Franz Joseph
Held many people together
**King of Hungary**
King Victor Emanuel
Symbol of italian unification
Count Camillo Cavour
Driving force behind italy's unfication, and King Victor.
Commodore Matthew perry
Forced JApan to open it's ports.

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