Glossary of World Geography Semester Exam

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movement in which people believe in strictly following certain established principles or teachings
connections around the world increase and cultures become more alike
proccess in which an individual or group adopts some of the traits of another culture.
when an idea spreads from one group to another and is accepted
expansion diffusion
information about new ideas or innovations spreads through a society
relocation diffusion
when people move to new places and take thier culture with them
hieracrchial diffusion
when cultural traits are spread from places of greater size or influence to smaller ones
statistical study of human populations
people with both african and european ancestry
industry of people visiting because of ecological sites
a relatively narrow passage of water between larger bodies of water or between the mainland and an island
part of ocean or sea partly enclosed by land
a nearly flat plain of alluvial deposit between diverging branches of the mouth of a river, often, though not necessarily, triangular
orographic effect
moist air pushes against a mountain; barrier forces air to rise; rising air cools, condences, and forms clouds which cause percipitation; lots of moisture side of mountain facing the wind; side of mountian away from win is leaward side; as aim moves down the leward side, it warms and dries
rain shadow
drier area of orographic effect
fit for growing crops
the process by which manufacturing beased on machine power becomes widespread in an area.
a froup of cities in the northeastern united states that has grown into one large, built-up area; also used to describe similar areas around the world
government districts similar to states

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