Glossary of World Geography: C7Global Cultures

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All the features of a society's way of life including language, religion, government, economics, food, clothing, architecture, and family life.
What is Culture? (67)
Activities and behaviors that people repeatedly practice.
What is a Culture Trait?
An area with many shared culture traits.
What is a Culture Region? (67)
A population sharing a common cultural background.
What is an Ethnic Group?
New ideas or behaviors that are beneficial and therefore accepted by a society over time.
What is an Innovation? (68)
The spread of an innovation or culture trait to another culture region.
What is Diffusion? (68)
The growing of a plant or taming of an animal by a people for their own use.
What is Domestication? ((72)
The process of growing food on small tracts of land for food to support ones family/extended family.
What is Subsistence Farming? (72)
The growing of crops on large plantations or tracts of land for sale (cash crops) using modern agricultural techniques.
What is Commercial Farming? (72)
The growth in proportion of people living close together in towns and cities
What is Urbanization? (72)
Feelings of pride and loyalty for one's country expressed by patriotic songs, symbols, and writings.
What is Nationalism?
A religious movement that stresses the strict following of basic traditional principles.
What is Fundamentalism? (75)
Government where only a few people in power decide what is best for everyone.
What is Totalitarian Government? (75)
Government of the people, by the people and for the people that promotes human rights and values individual freedoms.
What is a Democratic Government? (75)
The distribution of a country's wealth and natural resources among its people.
What is Economy?
Taxes placed on imports and exports by a countries government to protect its economy.
What is a trade Tariff?
Limits on the amount of a particular good that can be imported into a country.
What is a Quota?

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