Glossary of World Geography: C1 - Prehistoric World to 2500B.C.

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Human-made objects such as tools & jewelry from the past
What is an Artifact?
A people's unique way of life
comprised of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other human work & thought of a population.
What is Culture?
Humans and other creatures that walk up-right (bipedally), ex. australopithecines
What is a Hominid?
The Old Stone Age (2.5 Million to 8000B.C.) when the oldest stone chopping tools were made.
What is the Paleolithic Age?
Second phase of Stone Age when people learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, & raise animals.
What is the Neolithic Age?
Using intelligence to develop ways of applying knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet human needs.
What is Technology?
The species name for modern humans meaning "wise men" who had much larger brains than Homo Erectus.
What are Homo Sapiens?
Highly mobile people who moved from place to place foraging (searching) for new sources of food.
What are Nomads?
Nomadic groups whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods.
What are Hunter-Gatherers?
The Agricultural Revolution which shifted from food-gathering to food-producing culture which allowed humans to specialize in their work.
What is the Neolithic Revolution?
Third world countries clear-cut trees and grasses and burn them to clear fields for planting crops.
What is Slash-and-Burn Farming?
The taming of animals (ex. cat, dog, pig, horse) over long periods of time with humans.
What is Domestication?
A complex culture with 5 major characteristics: (1)advanced cities (2)specialized workers (3)complex institutions (4) record-keeping (5) advanced technology.
What is Civilization?
The development of skills in a specific kind of work
What is Specialization?
Skilled workers who made goods by hand.
What is an Artisan?
A long-lasting pattern of organization in a community.
What is an Institution?
Professional record-keepers who, in Sumer, invented a system of writing called cuneiform (wedge-shaped)
What are Scribes?
When people in Sumer began using bronze to fashion tools and weapons.
What is the Bronze Age?
A means of trading goods and services without money.
What is Bartering?
A massive, tiered, pyramid-shaped monument used for worship (polytheistic)
What is a Ziggurat?

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