Glossary of Wordly Wise A2

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A knife is a tool with a blade fastened to a handle. It is used for cutting.


A flute is a musical instrument made of a long, hollow tube. It is played by blowing across a small hole at one end while opening and closing other holes with the fingers.


A hook is a curved object usually made of metal. It is used for catching or holding onto something.


A parachute is a piece of cloth with strings from which a person can hang while dropping safely from an airplane to the ground.


An acorn is a nut that is the seed of an oak tree.


A mermaid is a creature that is not real, but is supposed to have the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.


An accident is an unplanned happening, especially one that causes injury or damage


A trench is a long, narrow, deep hole dug in the earth.


A bellows is a tool with two sides that are squeezed together to force air out of a tube at the end.


A flag is a piece of cloth of special color or pattern. It can stand for a country or a state, or it can be used to tell people something.


An elf is a creature written about in stories. It is usually drawn as a tiny person with a pointed cap and turned up shoes.

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