Glossary of Wordly Wise A-1

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A rack is a wood or metal frame used for holding things.
A pickpocket is a person who steals by taking things from people's pockets.
An ostrich is a very large bird with a long neck and long legs. It cannot fly, but it can run very fast.
A gap is an opening made by a break or space in something that would normally be closed off.
A hedge is a row of bushes or low trees planted close together. It is often used to mark off a person's yard.
A ladder is an object used for climbing. It is made of two long side pieces of wood, metal or rope, joined by a number of shorter cross pieces.
A chimney is a narrow passage built to carry smoke away from a fire. It is usually made of brick, and it runs straight up above the roof of a building.
A tower is something built to be very high and stand out from whatever surrounds it.
A rudder is a flat piece of wood or metal fastened to the back end of a boat or airplane. It is moved from side to side in order to steer.
A whirlpool is water that moves rapidly around in a circle and sucks floating objects into its center.

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