Glossary of Wheelock's Ch. 7.

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virgo, virginis
f., maiden, virgin
labor, laboris
m., labour, work, toil; a work, production
prep. + abl. with verbs of rest, prep. + acc. with verbs of motion, under, up under, close to
tempus, temporis
n., time; occasion, opportunity
amor, amoris
m., love
rex, regis
m., king
regina, -ae
f., queen
uxor, uxoris
f. wife
carmen, carminis
n., song, poem
nomen, nominis
n., name
prep. + acc., after, behind
neco, necare, necavi, necatum
to murder, kill
audeo, audere, ausus sum
to dare
terra, -ae
f., earth, ground, land, country
novus, -a, -um
new, strange
virtus, virtutis
f., manliness, courage, excellence, character, worth, virtue
pax, pacis
f., peace
littera, -ae
litterae, -arum
f. sg., a letter of the alphabet
f. pl., a letter (epistle), literature
corpus, corporis
n., body
mos, moris
mores, morum
m. sg., habit, custom, manner
m. pl., habits, character
homo, hominis
m., human being, man

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