Glossary of Wheelock's Ch. 36

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sereno, serenare, serenavi, serenatum
to make clear, brighten; cheer up, soothe
fio, fieri, factus sum
to occur, happen, become; be made, be done (fiat)
cupido, cupidinis
desire, passion
oblecto, oblectare, oblectavi, oblectatum
to please, amuse, delight; pass time pleasantly
oro, orare, oravi, oratum
to speak, plead; beg, beseech, entreat
curo, curare, curavi, curatum
to care for, attend to; heal, cure; take care
exigo, -igere, -egi, -actum (ex + ago)
to drive out, force out, exact; drive through, complete, perfect
requiro, -quirere, -quisivi, -quisitum
to seek out, ask for, miss, need, require
recreo, recreare, recreavi, recreatum
to restore, revive; refresh, cheer
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum (cum + ago)
to drive or bring together, force, compel
vinculum, -i
bond, chain, fetter
lector, lectoris
lectrix, lectricis
contemno, -temnere, -tempsi, -temptum
to despise, scorn
decerno, -cernere, -crevi, -cretum
to decide, settle, decree
daily, every day
carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptum
to harvest, pluck, seize
accedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessum
to come (to), approach
contundo, -tundere, -tudi, -tusum
to beat, crush, bruise, destroy

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