Glossary of Wheelock's Ch. 2.

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poena, poenae
f. penalty, punishment
poenas dare
idiom, to pay the penalty
rosa, rosae
f., rose
forma, formae
f., form, shape, beauty
poeta, poetae
m., poet
porta, portae
f., gate, entrance
puella, puellae
f., girl
sententia, sententiae
f., feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
vita, vitae
f., life, mode of life
antiqua, antiquae
adjective, ancient, old-time
nauta, nautae
m., sailor
magna, magnae
adj., large, great, important
interjection, O!, Oh!, commonly used with the vocative
multa, multae
adj., much, many
mea, meae
adj., my
ira, irae
f., ire, anger
conjunction, and
tua, tuae
adj., your, used when speaking to only one person
et ... et
both ... and
conj., but
fama, famae
f., rumor, report; fame reputation
fortuna, fortunae
f., fortune, luck
preposition & abl., without
patria, patriae
f., fatherland, native land, (one's) country
pecunia, pecuniae
f., money
philosophia, philosophiae
f. philosophy

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