Glossary of Welsh 101 Chapter 10 Future Irregular verbs

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af i
I will go
ei di
You will go
aiff e/hi
He/she will go
awn ni
We will go
ewch chi
You will go (pl)
an nhw
They will go
gwnaf i
I will make do
gwnei di
You will make /do
gwnaiff e/hi
He/she will make/do
gwnawn ni
We will make/do
gwnewch chi
You will make/do (pl)
gwnaw nhw
They will make / do
caf i
I will get / have
cei di
You will have / get
caiff e/hi
He/she will get/have
cawn ni
We will get/have
cewch chi
You will get/have (pl)
can nhw
They will have / get
dof i
I will come
doi di
You will come
daw e/hi
he / she will come
down ni
We will come
dewch chi
you will come (pl)
don nhw
they will come

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