Glossary of W. G.:C18: The British Isles

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A rolling plain covered with grasses and small shrubs.
What is a Moor?
p.257 & 258
A wet, spongy area of land used to extract peat used for fuel.
What is a Bog?
p.257 & 258
A small-scale manufacturing operation in which people make goods by hand in their own homes.
What is a Cottage Industry?
p. 257.
Money paid to workers for their labor.
What is a wage?
p. 257.
An organization of workers who are in the same industry; a labor union.
What is a Trade Union?
p. 263
To stop work, as a group, until certain demands are met.
What is a Strike?
p. 263
The largest of the British Isles containing 3 countries:
England, Scotland & Wales.
Where is England?
p. 257.
The northern part of England.
The northern section of this area is called the Highlands.
Where is Scotland?
p. 258.
A peninsula of western Great Britain where many people speak Gaelic (Celtic language)
Where is Wales?
p. 259
The largest of the British Isles composed of the 3 countries England , Scotland, & Wales.
What is Great Britain?
p. 258.
The second largest island lying west across the Irish Sea. It is an independent country since 1949 composed of Catholics, who are descendents of the Celts, and speak Irish Gaelic.
What is the Republic of Ireland?
p. 258.
The six northern counties that remain part of the United Kingdom called Ulster.
The people are Protestant and British citizens.
What is Northern Ireland?
p. 258

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