Glossary of Villegas Subjunctive Expressions

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es importante que
it's important
es mejor que
it's better
es necesario que
it's necessary
no es cierto que
it isn't true
no está claro que
it isn't clear
es dudoso que
it's doubtful
no es evidente que
it isn't evident
(no) es possible que
it is(n't) possible
(no) es probable que
it is(n't) probable
no es verdad que
it isn't true
es fantástico que
it's fantastic
no creo que
I don't believe
es una pena que
it's a pity
qué lástima que
it's a shame
qué pena que
it's a pity
alegrarse que
to be happy about
sorprenderse que
to be surprised about
tal vez

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