Glossary of Verbs Irregular - dovere, potere, volere

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I have to
io devo
you have to (familiar, singular)
tu devi
he has to
lui deve
she has to
lei deve
you have to (polite, singular)
Lei deve
we have to
noi dobbiamo
you have to (familiar, plural)
voi dovete
they have to
loro devono
you have to (polite, plural)
Loro devono
I am able to
io posso
you are able to (familiar, singular)
tu puoi
he is able to
lui può
she is able to
lei può
you are able to (polite, singular)
Lei può
we are able to
noi possiamo
you are able to (familiar, plural)
voi potete
they are able to
loro possono
they are able to (polite, plural)
Loro possono
I want
io voglio
you want (familiar, singular)
tu vuoi
he wants
lui vuole
she wants
lei vuole
you want (polite, singular)
Lei vuole
we want
noi vogliamo
you want (familiar, plural)
voi volete
they want
loro vogliono
they want (polite, plural)
Loro vogliono

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