Glossary of Unit 2 Chapter 1 Crustal Movements

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giant waves resulting from violent earthquakes in the ocean floor
Earthquakes are measured by this instrument
The later of earth that is thin and brittle, made up of brittle rock
The surface amongg which the fault takes place
fault place
two layered center of the earth
Three major causes of earthquakes are
faulting volcanic eruptions, landslides, and landslides
Sideways pressure causing sides of bedrock to fold
lateral pressure
theory that all the earth's continents were once on huge land mass and floated apart
Continental drift
Layer of earth that is hot and liquid
Deep place in the ocean floor where the ridges dip back into the mantle in the ocean
A fracture in the earth's crust along which movement takes place
Boundary betwee the crust and the mantle
Moho or Mohorovicic discontinuity
steep slope of a horizontal fault
fault scarp
Where the ocean floors are spreading
mid-ocean rifts or ridges
vibrations sent out in all directions from the earthquake's point of origin
shick waves
Downfolds of rock strata
Cooler heavier liquid that flows downward, then heated and expands and moves upward again keeping the motion going
Upfolds of rock strata
Uplifting or isnking of the bedrock of an area
vertical faulting
The recording of an earthquake
The name for the crust of the earth sections or plates
Plate tectonics
The rate at which the oceanic ridge is spreading outward
5 cm a year

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