Glossary of Uniform Regulations NAVPERS 15665

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Nametag dimensions should be?
1 X 3 1/2 inches.
Velcro Black nametags are?
2 x 4 inches.
Miniature medals are ? the size of regular medals.
half the size
Large Medals: The bars measure ? wide and each row of medals is ? inches long.
4 1/8 inches wide
3 1/4 inches long
Maximum of ? medals may be worn side by side without overlapping.
With medals, you can wear your top ? in place of all your medals.
Top 5
Miniature medals are ? inches long
2 1/4 inches
Miniature medals may be worn ? in a row without overlapping?
5 in a row
The expert Rifle or Pistol Medal supports a silver "E" that is what size?
1/4 inch
If your an aide to the president you wear this on your right shoulder.
4 loops all gold aiguillette
A recruit division commander wears what color aiguillette?
Brassards are worn on the ? arm.
Right arm.
When hanging free the bottom of the Boatswain's pipe and lanyard should not fall below?
The top of the belt.
When not in use, men should place the pipe in the ? breast pocket.
Left breast pocket.

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