Glossary of Ukraine,Belarus, the Caucasus

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A major concern for the Ukraine is making the farmland more
Georgia is located along the eastern side of what body of water?
Black Sea
In this country, citrus fruits and tea are grown
Marshes and swamps cover much of what country?
Most of this nation's industries are concentrated in Minsk
Name the landlocked country in the Caucasus region
Of the five countries in the region which one is the largest in population? the smallest?
Ukraine has largest population and Armenia has the smallest.
Of the five countries int he region which one is the poorest? the richest?
Georgia is the poorest and Belarus is the richest.
People from this country claim to be the first nationality that adoped Christianity?
Since ancient times, what have been Ukraine's greatest natural resource?
rich farmlands
Some Ukrainian claim they are descended from what "warlike" group?
The climate of this country is lot like the Carolinas
THe Georgians have long been famous for enterprise and
business skills
The land in this country is mostly low mountains, foothills and plains and the people speak a Turkic language. Most are farmers and herders.
The national capital of the Ukraine
The Soviet Union is the world's largest producer of what four farm products?
wheat, oat, barley and sugar beets
The Ukrains latitudes are about the same as the southern part of what country?
southern Canada
This country has had violent unrest among ethnic groups
This country stretches west from the the sountern end of the Caspian Sea
This region is rich in manganese, lead, zinc and copper.
Today, little of Ukraine's orignial ______ remains.
Ukraine is about the same size geographically as what EUropean country?
Ukraine was the ____ for the Russian empire and later the Soviet Union.
industrial region
Vineyards and fruit orchards thrive here and the region's beaches are still popular resorts.
What are people in Belarus also called
White Russians
What are the two major religions practiced in the Ukraine?
Eastern Orthodox Christainity and Roman Catholicism
What country is also referred to as "Little Russians" by Russians?
What is the most complex region ethnically in the world?
What is the name of the busiest port on the Black Sea?
Odesa in the Ukraine
What is the name of the small peninsula that juts southward into the Black Sea?
What three countries within this region make up the region called the Caucasuses?
Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbajain
What type of forests were once widespread in the northern Ukraine?
Deciduous forests

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