Glossary of Turkish Verb Conjugations

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Actions happening now, or started in the recent past and continuing. 'I am writing'- The point is that I am writing even as I speak.

geliyorum- I am coming
gidiyorum- I am going
(Note that the 'o' does not undergo vowel harmony.)
General (Aorist):
Things generally true, hence timeless. I am a writer. — Although I am not necessarily writing anything at this very moment.

gelirim- I come
giderim- I go
Actions that will happen.

gelecekim- I will come
gidecekim- I will go
Actions that must, or should be taken.

gelmeliyim- I must come

gitmeliyim- I must go
If ...
With non-simple moods, expresses unfulfilled conditions, hopeless wishes of the past, etc.

gelsem- If I come

gitsem- If I go
No statement of fact, things that might happen or have happened. With non-simple moods, expresses unfulfillable past wishes, or quotes of those expressions.

geleyim- Let me come

gideyim- Let me go
Verb Mood: Past

geliyordum- I was coming

gidiyordum- I was going
Verb Mood: Conditional

gidiyorsam- If I am going

geliyorsam- If I am coming
Reported Past:
A present state caused by past action, or things the speaker is reporting without having seen.
Simple/Perfect Past:
Both the simple past (did) and the perfect past (have done).

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