Glossary of Tricare

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Eligibility ends at age ___ unless the child is a full time student and then eligibility ends at age ____
Reserve forces are covered when ordered to active duty for more than ___.
30 days
Dependent parents and parents-in-law are only eligible for?
Tricare plus
Which program is the most flexible and is a fee for service option.
Tricare standard
Which program allows benefiiciaries to self refer to specialists.
Tricare standard
What is the catastrophic cap for active duty family's? and for everyone else?
$1000 for active duty
$3000 for everyone else.
Active duty family members pay ___% of charges.
Retirees pay ___% of charges under Standard
What program allows Tricare Prime enrollees to see specialists without a referrel from their PCM
Cost share for POS option is ___%
Enrollment fee for retired Tricare Prime candidates is $___ for individual and $___

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