Glossary of Totally Healthy Teen Ch 2

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The chest and abdomen are separated by the muscle wall called the?
A balanced, stable environment within the body would be called?
Muscles responsible for the movements of the body are the?
Skeletal muscles
What is the principle organs of the respriatory system?
The long muscular tube which includes many digestive functions and runs throughout the body is the the?
alimentary canal
Human growth hormones is released by the?
pituitary gland
The small flap of skin that prevents food from entering the trachea is the?
The rate at which the body metabolizes food is controlled by hormones released from the?
thyroid gland
A passageway that carries air to the lungs is called the?
The portion of the digestive tract responsible for waste functions is the?
large intestine
What is often referred to as the throat?
What exists when two or more tissues are grouped together to perform a particular funciton?
"Chemical messengers" released by the glands of the endocrine system?
Similar cells organized into specialized groups to carry out particular functions could be called?
What cleanses the blood of impurities and sends it back to the blood system?
The basic building blocks of the body are called?
What releases hormones when we are under certain types of stress?
adrenal glands
What component in the blood that fights germs, viruses and disease?
white blood cells
What are the smallest blood vessels found in the body?
What blood vessels carry oxygenated blood Away from the heart?
What is the liquid portion of the blood called?
What disease involves hardening of the arteries?
Arterio Sclerosis
The force placed against the inside walls of your blood vessels?
high blood pressure
A severe restriction of blood flow to part of the brain.
The portion of the bood that cuases clotting?
A component of the blood responsible for carrying oxygen?
red blood cells
Blood vessels that carry oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart?
What cleasnes the blood of impurities and send it back to the blood stream?
A process by which food is broken down and made useful for the body?
Where does most of the digestion and absorption of nutrients occurs?
small intestine
What is the passageway that carries food to the stomach called?
What muscles are found in your digestive system and your blood vessels?
Smooth muscles
What is the heart muscle called?
Cardiac muscle

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