Glossary of Therapeutic Comm. Ch.7

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This stage is which means punishment & reward are understood and to do good is to avoid punishment?
Stage 1 of the Preconventional Level
This stage is the idea of "you be good to me and I'll be good to you" develops?
Stage 2 of the Preconventional level.
This stage is what is accepted and approved by others. Approval becomes more important than reward?
Stage 3 of the Convetional level.
This stage is law and order and fixed rules are recognized, eitherby religion/social order or both.
Stage 4 of the Conventional level.
This stage is actions are determined by individual rights or standards, such as the described laws and the United States Constitution. This is often considered to be the "social contract" stage.
Stage 5 of the Postconventional or Principal Level.
This stage is when Morality becomes individual principles that are logical, comprehensive, and consistent. Justice and equality of human rights,respect and worthwhile life is recognized. Universal ethical principles are established.
Stage 6 of the Postconvetional or Principal level.
This level is typical of children and delinquents and described as premoral since most decisions are based on self-interest/materialism?
Preconventional Level
This level is a time when individuals believe social standards and laws are primary moral values.
Conventional Level
This level is when individuals follow moral reasoning that may supersede society's standard or their personal wishes.
Postconventional or Principle level.
Who developed stages of Moral Development and how many stages are there?
Lawrence Kohlberg developed the 3 stages of Moral development.

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