Glossary of The Naval Chain of Command

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Battalion Commanding Officer
cadet Commander Christopher Chance
Executive Officer
cadet Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Miller
Operations Officer
cadet Lieutenant Tara Elliot
Command Master Chief
cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Meghan Humphries
Administrative Officer
cadet Ensign MarionBeth Crampton
Assistant Administrative Officer
c/PO1 Stephens
Supply officer
c/Ensign Holly Samples
Assistant Supply Officer
c/Chief Petty Officer Robert Stokes
Education Services Officer
c/Chief Petty Officer Kayla Taylor
Training Officer
c/Lieutenant Junior Grade Leanne Taylor
Public Affairs Officer
c/PO1 Samantha Bennett
1st Lieutenant
c/Ensign Christopher Ortega
Armory Officer
c/PO1 Keith Minie
c/PO2 Urie Gilchrist
Bravo Company Commander
c/Ensign Cameron Cooley
Bravo Company Executive Officer
c/Senior Chief Petty Officer Leonard Turcato
Bravo Administrative Officer
c/PO2 Leigh Alexander
Bravo Company Supply Officer
c/Seaman Apprentice Diana Chavez
Academic Team Commander
c/Ensign Zachary Newman
Orienteering Team Commander
c/Chief Petty Officer Bordonaro
Rifle Team Commander
c/Ensign Christopher Ortega
NJROTC Program Manager
Dr. J.D. Smith
Chief of Naval Service Training Command
Rearadmiral Gary R. Jones
Chief of Naval Education and Training
Viceadmiral J. Kevin Moran
Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Michael G.Mullen
Secretary of Defense
The Acting "" is the Honorable Ronald Gates
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
"" Joe R. Campa Jr.
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
Sergeant Major John L. Estrada
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff
Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General Peter Pace

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