Glossary of The Human Body

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The cicrulatory system does which of the following:
a) uses a hollow muscle to pump blood through the body
b)breaks down food
c)brings air into the body
d)removes waste from the body
a) uses a hollow muscle to pump blood through the body
Cells that are similar and grouped together are called
a) organs
b) tissues
c) body systems
d) blood
b) Groups of cells that are similar form TISSUES.
Name three body systems.
Respiratory Excretory
Reproductive Nervous
Musculatory Endocrine
Circulatory Digestive
The respiratory system has two main jobs. What are they?
1) It provides the body with oxygen.
2) It rids the body of harmful carbon dioxide.
An organ is made of a group of _________ that work together to do a certain job.
What system do the folowing organs belong:
stomach, esophagus, small intestine, large intestine
The digestive system
Which system regulates and coordinates all of the other systems in the body?
The Nervous System
True or False: The mandible is a bone in the foot.
FALSE: The mandible is another name for the lower jaw bone in the head.
What is the smallest living part of a person's body?
The cell
What is a joint?
The place where bones come together.
What system does the heart belong to?
The Circulatory System
In what organ of the digestive system are nutrients absorbed?
The small intestine
How many bones make up the adult skeleton?
What is the difference between the trachea and the esophagus?
The trachea carries air towards the lungs and belongs to the respiratory system.
The esophagus carries food from the mouth to the stomach for the digestive system.
After food is swallowed what tube does it travel down?
The esophagus
A system is a group of _________ that work together.
Which system removes waste from the body?
The Excretory System
What is another name for the kneecap?
The patella

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