Glossary of Test 1 Human Development

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Life Stage Ministries
Churches ministering to specific age groups: youth, young adult, elder, midlife, college
Life Span Developmental Model
more global perspective on development; instead of looking at each stage indpendently--more interconnected
Developmental Trends
involves the changes images of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood
Bronfenbrenner's ecological model
Developmental Theories
organismic or mechanistic?
Jean Piaget
study of dna "nature"
chain of genes, visible under a microscope
1st cell of a human beingthat occurs as a result of fertilization; a fertilized ovum
Biopsychosocial Model
Science, sociol, psychological influences every part of development
Prenatal developmental trends
Germinal, Embryonic, Fetal
cephalocaudal trend
1st developmental trend where the sequence of growth occurs first in the head and progresses downward
promixodistal trend
2nd sequence of growth occurs from the midline of the body outward
nature vs. nurture
heriditary vs. environment
1st=1 day to 11 weeks
2nd=12 weeks to 6 months
3rd=7 months - birth
Apgar Scale
score of 10 points to determine any potential dangers the infant may have after birth

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